I was healed in a Waffle House parking lot!

Hey everyone! I want to share with you all the story of an answered prayer, a prayer that was prayed daily in a battle against depression.

This is how God used an Angel in a totally unexpected scenario to reach out and send me a message!

My fiance’ and I were with a friend at a Waffle House about an hour or so away from home and had just got done eating breakfast. We stopped outside and were talking on the side-walk, when a woman came walking towards us from off the street. She turned in to the parking lot & I noticed she was dressed nicely, I thought maybe she had come from church this morning. She wasn’t dressed like the Angel in the picture, she wore black dress pants & a black and white floral shirt. She was carrying a cup of coffee in one hand & a phone in the other with her headphones swaying to and fro.

The woman walked right up to us on the side-walk and asked us all how we were doing. She then went on to ask how one manages to get a cup of coffee that tastes like tea (the coffee cup was from Waffle House – I thought maybe she thought I worked there). I told her that it was really weird for something like that to happen, but that she should go inside and say something to them about it and get a fresh cup. She asked me what my name was, and then she introduced herself & we shook hands. She wished me a wonderful day & told me she thought I was beautiful. She talked in a way that was so friendly, joyful, and sincere. She looked at me with child-like eyes and it was like something drew me to her. I told her thank you & she began to walk away.

But then she turned back… She turned to me and said that she wanted to tell me that I was going to feel a lot better now, and that the Lord had healed me from depression! As soon as she spoke those words, I walked right up to her and gave her a hug. She hugged me back and said that the Lord spoke to her when she saw me, and told her that she needed to come talk to me & tell me that He has healed me of depression. She asked if she could pray with me & I told her absolutely. So we prayed right there in the middle of the parking lot, and she told me that the depression would not come back again, that she didn’t mess around with Satan and that it would not come back again! Praise the Lord!

I talked with my fiance’ about it later, and he said that he noticed her out there the whole time we were eating. He said she was pacing back and forth, just walking around, like she was waiting for something. I have to tell you, I BELIEVE it was an Angel of the Lord. When she spoke to me it was as if she paused and waited for the words to speak to me, as if she waited on the Lord to know what to say. She spoke in such a voice that was soothing, and though she approached me and I did not know her, I felt drawn to her, like I was supposed to be there – it was a moment for me that I will never forget – I only wish I could remember her name but I will never forget her face! My fiance’ agreed that she was there for a reason, that she seemed as if she was “not of this world”! She was there to deliver a message, and I am so thankful and so filled with joy to the top and overflowing that He sent her my way! He still reaches out for His children! He is still finding ways to call out to us, to let us know we are healed in Jesus name!

We serve an awesome God, and loving and faithful God who hears the words of His people. I cannot tell you how many days I prayed that He would change me, change my heart, change my mind, my emotions. God did more than change me, He healed me! I don’t have to let the worries of this world consume my mind, or the thoughts of this world conflict with my heart, or the pains of this world steal my joy – because I have the joy of the Lord in my soul, I have a peace I never knew before, and a calmness where I don’t feel constricted – I can be myself & be loved by God, I can have and experience His love, and share it which is an even better feeling –

Hugging that woman in the parking lot of the Waffle House, a complete stranger to me, I felt connected with her; I felt love in my heart, love like I can’t explain. I had love for her, and thankfulness in my heart. She embraced me like a loving parent, and told me it would not come back – and I believe her, because I believe the word of the Lord.

I know it may sound far-fetched to some, because how would I know if she were truly an Angel? All I can say is that she was like no person I have ever met before, she spoke with purpose – my fiance’ said is was as if she were ‘programmed’ to say what she was saying to me. It was an incredible moment that will forever be in my heart & has changed my life forever, praise God! It’s so incredible to read the stories in the bible of great things happening, and then to experience something so out of this world so unexpectedly that you just know in your heart is from the Lord. I wanted to share this story with you all so you know, just like I am sure of, that our God is alive! He still finds ways to reach out to us! He can do this for you too, it might not be the same way, He will use what and whom is available to be used by Him to do it, but He will answer you too if you pray & give your heart to God; repent of your sin, ask forgiveness and wash your hands clean of the things you know you should not do; and if you wonder what you should do, read your bible to read the word of the Lord so that you may know and you may learn and grow with Him. I just had to share my story, this woman, this Angel, she touched my life and praying over me and my receiving it opened the door for God to heal me. He has given me such joy since then, and I cannot express to you how real this is for me. He is alive in us, nothing can separate us, only hinder us from experiencing the fullness and greatness of His love. ❤

——- ❤ ——-